Food pumps

General information

Capacity is from 0,5 to 200 m3/h

Output differential pressure is from 6 to 24 bars

Drive power is from 0,75 to 55,0 kW

Rotor speed is from 78 to 578 rpm

For the needs of the food, chemical, pharmaceutical industry, our company offers a special line of SP-H, SP-V series PC pumps. The range of performance and pressure of PC pumps is selected in such a way as to best meet the requirements of modern food production. The capacity range, drive power and pressure range created are individually tailored for each customer. Belgorod Hydromechanical Plant will offer the optimal solution for a separate task, which will meet the requirements of a modern manufacturer. Screw (stator, auger) pumps of the series have a classic layout with hermetic swivel assemblies, which ensures the reliability of the unit, the absence of stagnant zones, ease of operation and maintenance. All flowing part of the pump is made of food grade stainless steel. This pumps series differs from the analogs by a smoother regulation of performance at low revolutions of the electric motor, therefore, less power consumption and a decrease in the cost of production. The pump unit of the series does not foam and does not destroy the soft inclusions of the medium, the suction capacity is up to 8m in vacuum. The use and operation of food series pumps is confirmed by the appropriate licenses and official permission of the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology.

Difference of food pumps of the special SP-H series is:

  • high reliability and efficiency of operation
  • energy saving due to low rotor speed with high performance
  • reduction of management costs is an advantage of pumping units manufactured by us
  • no stagnant zones when pumping fluid
  • ease of operation and maintenance
  • no cavitation