Modern process solutions implemented by us in production cycles contribute to increasing the efficiency of pumping high-viscosity media with different sediments and solids, as well as media with a significant gas component. Pumps produced by Belgorod Hydromechanical Plant are widely used in the oil and gas industry and are equipped with motors, gearboxes and gear motors, which allow to select the necessary capacity and differential pressure, which leads to significant energy savings.

The oil and gas industry is divided into 3 stages: exploration, extraction, transportation and processing. Screw pumps are ideal for use in each of these stages. This is due to the following qualities:

  • Ability to create high pressure (up to 2.5 MPa and higher) at low feed rates
  • Designed for pumping aggressive liquids with solids content (up to 60%)
  • Pumping ability of high-viscosity liquids (up to 100 Pas)
  • Pump rubber cage resistance to abrasion by various pulp
  • High time between repairs
  • High maintainability (no need for visit of the special service of the manufacturer)

Exploration and extraction

The drilling process is closely related to the process of cooling the drill head and cleaning the drilling wells. Screw pumps manufactured by our company are an indispensable link in the chain, as they are capable of pumping drilling fluids containing such mechanical components as clay, sand, concrete and polymers. The wear resistance of the pump working area allows significant savings on spare parts.  

Pumping and transport

Crude oil is pumped from the storage facility to tanker trucks, railway tanks, and ships using SP-H and SP-V series screw pumps. The equipment is used for pumping fluids with viscosity up to 5 million mPa*s (...sSt), with the content of mechanical impurities content up to 60% and temperature up to 120 0C.

List of pumped media:

  • Drill mud
  • Oil sludge
  • Reagents
  • Effluents
  • Fuel oil and petroleum products
  • Formation fluid
  • Formation water
  • Formation oil

Emptying tanker trucks

Horizontal series of pumps manufactured by our company are used for unloading of tank trucks/railcars. Self-priming ability allows emptying without warming up the tank.

The advantages of "BGMZ" LLC pumps

  • Lower price compared to imported counterparts
  • High turnaround time of the main working units
  • Low cost of spare parts
  • Own warehouse complex allows to reduce the terms of component supplies
  • No need to leave the special service of the manufacturer
  • Low power consumption
  • The relatively low rate of pumping fluid increases the durability of the flow part
  • High suction capacity
  • Precise dosing of the pumped liquid is possible by means of a flow meter mounted on the pump.