Other industries

SP-H and SP-V progressing cavity pumps are cross functional. They solve any tasks assigned to them for pumping fluid and successfully operate in other industries, such as:
• Metallurgical
• Cosmetic
• Power
• Pharmaceutical

And they also participate in projects of many research institutes and engineering companies.

Metallurgical Industry
SP-H series horizontal pumps are used in the flotation concentration of copper ore for supplying oil and other substances that improve the formation of foam during flotation.

Power Industry
The pumping units of our company are used as part of boiler stations and modern biogas energy complexes.
The BGMZ LLC is open for cooperation and is pro-actively involved in the implementation of various projects together with many engineering companies and research institutes.

Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals
The stainless-steel version of the SP PC pump and the capability of the motor to operate at low rotation rate meet all production requirements:
• No foaming
• Delicate fluid pumping
• Meeting the requirements of hygiene and epidemiology
• Multiphase fluid pumping
Production of PC pumps of design suitable for chemical applications for non-standard tasks is possible.