For the use in the food industry the pumps shall comply with a number of mandatory terms: compliance of pumping equipment with the requirements of hygiene and epidemiology; the pump unit should not in any way change or affect the composition of the pumped fluid. Having considered all conditions, the Belgorod Hydromechanical Plant has developed a special series of SP-H series food-grade pumps.
These progressing cavity pumps are designed for pumping food media of a wide range of temperatures and varying degrees of viscosity, namely: alcohol, brandy, wine, beer, vinegar, water, milk, juices, sunflower oil, cream, liquid egg melange, sugar syrup of medium concentration, butter milk, juices with pulp, yogurt, jam, cottage cheese, sour cream, jam, mayonnaise, butter, cheese grain, ketchup, mash, wort, bard, pate, liquid minced meat, fruit puree, honey, jam, dough, syrup, liquid chocolate, condensed milk, high-concentration sugar syrup, juice concentrates and many others.
The variety of processes and stages from the processing of raw materials to the production of the finished product has led to the emergence of a large number of various techniques and technologies during production. Progressing cavity pumps of the Belgorod Hydromechanical Plant are unique in their own way. Today, there are a number of projects where our screw units are part of high-tech complexes in the food industry.

Non-Standard Challenges
If you face the tasks such as pumping a sauce with pieces of garlic or yogurt with whole berries, and you cannot allow changes to these inclusions, then, of course, the solution will be to use SP-H food pumps when transporting these media. Belgorod Hydromechanical Plant produces PC pumps, which are capable to pump liquids with soft inclusions from 6 to 74 mm in size, with solid particles from 3 to 50 mm.
Some fluids do not flow under normal conditions. To ensure the transportation of such fluids, they must be heated and preserve the temperature of fluidity throughout the medium route. The structure of PC pumps of our production includes stator pairs, which are capable of operating at the temperature of + 1,500 ° C and are also equipped with additional heating of the screw assembly and the operating chamber. It allows maintaining the temperature of the pumped fluid during transportation.
If the technology does not provide for modifying the properties of the pumped fluid, but the fluid is viscous (for example, minced fish with small bone), then the SP-H food PC pump is produced with a screw feeder. The screw feeder is designed for additional grinding and pushing of a viscous medium to the operating chamber (screw pair) of the auger-type pump SP-H. A BR / NR stator elastomer made of natural rubber is resistant to abrasive inclusions (in this example, in the form of a small fish bone).


The wide choice of additional options and various complete sets will allow solving any task.