The pump units produced by the Belgorod Hydromechanical Plant are widely used in the field of environmental protection and applied for the most efficient treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater.

The design features of PC pump equipment make it possible to separate up to 95% of insoluble impurities from wastewater.

Scopes of PC pumps in the course of sewage treatment:
• Food enterprises
• Cleaning of industrial effluents of enterprises
• Oil refineries (processing of oil sludge)
• Sewage pumping stations
• Pumps for pumping sapropel
• Etc.

Wastewater treatment is one of the main issues to be addressed by any manufacturing enterprise. First of all, it is related to the enhancement of strict legislation regulating environmental pollution issues and increase in penalties for wastewater emissions that have not undergone the required treatment.

Industrial wastewater treatment plants are used to solve these problems. SP-H series and SP-V series single-screw progressing cavity pumps have found their place in the composition of such plants. The complex of cleaning measures includes 4 main stages, each of which deploys pumps manufactured by the Belgorod Hydromechanical Plant.

Mechanical Stage
The fluid prepared for cleaning is supplied by a sludge pump or a sapropel pump to the grids, sand traps, septic tanks, etc. Basically, the maximum width of the gaps of filtering devices does not exceed 16 mm. SP series PC pumps are capable to pump liquid with soft inclusions up to 74 mm and solid fractions up to 50 mm.

Biological Stage
At this stage, through SP-H or SP-V PC pumps the fluid enters the primary settling tanks, aeration tanks or digesters, where mineralization of wastewater, removal of organic nitrogen and phosphorus occur. After the primary sedimentation tanks there is a second line of radial sedimentation tanks,within which PC pumps are used for pumping active sludge (sludge).

Physical and Chemical Stage
At the physical and chemical stage, the sediment is mechanically dehydrated with flocculants, coagulants and other reagents. To supply these reagents chemical pumps or pumps made of stainless steel are used, manufactured by our company with the stator elastomer NBR (nitrile) or EPDM, in some cases FKM (Viton).

Disinfection of Wastewater
There, the purified liquid is disinfected with a solution of chlorine or hypochlorite. This task is perfectly handled by SP series PC pumps of chemical design.
The Belgorod Hydromechanical Plant also develops pumps for solving non-standard tasks. So, SP-H horizontal PC pumps of special series are part of many mobile cleaning devices, as well as deployed for thermal waste disposal.